Wylde & Free is an exploration of what it means to have a fulfilling life – a life packed with purpose and joy, connection, freedom and beauty.

I believe life can be rich with deep relationships, full of the kind of freedom that comes from a healed and whole heart,  sustainable – for us and individuals as well as for the earth – and soaked in the beauty of this wild, gorgeous planet.

I write to cast a vision for that kind of life, to forge a path towards it, to create a space for reflection on how our lives line up with our values, and to share practical steps that make (my) life better. Maybe they’ll make yours better too.

If you’re a fellow traveller trying to carve out your own path from the ruts you see around you then become an email friend, comment and join the conversation.

Writing on the Internet Disclaimer

I think of my writing here as true but you may prefer to think of it as based on a true story. I draw a lot on my own experiences and on the experiences of those I’ve known and walked with, but still, most of my life is lived offline. No one I know is going to turn up here without their permission unless names and other identifying details have been changed. I write honestly, but in the interests of privacy (and even of storytelling), I reserve the right to fictionalise somewhat.

 I have drunk deeply from the wells of many wise and wonderful people, books and organisations along my way, so if I can remember where I learned something – and can tell you without breaking confidentiality then I will give credit where it’s due.

About Rachel

I’m an anthropologist which is great fun because I’m fascinated by both the diversity and similarities across humanity, i.e. exactly what anthropologists study. As a researcher I get to delve deep into amazingly innovative and creative ways of studying this which actually work – we find stuff out! That still blows my mind; it’s very cool. As a fieldworker I get to find stuff out for myself, which is complex and messy and very, very nuanced. It’s hard work, but great work. I also teac at uni and I write (so, so many words…). I’ve been a youth worker and community development project manager which was a huge privilege. I think a lot, travel a lot and dream a lot and hang out with my besties as much as I can. I figure stuff out by thinking out loud, so writing is a helpful way of processing some of my philosophical and personal musings on this strange, heartbreaking and beautiful world we all live in.