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The Real Life Tortoise Won the Real Life Race

After I finished work this weekend, Aaron and I went for a wander to enjoy the fading light by our city’s beautiful quayside. We were walking along the river, deep in conversation, when two men with light backpacks ran past us. At first we barely registered them, but a seemingly drunk man made a big deal of turning to clap them as they passed. The runners didn’t acknowledge this and it seemed in rather poor taste – perhaps the partygoer was mocking these runners for their gear and commitment so late on a Saturday night? But then as we watched...

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The Mean Backseat Driver

I wrote last week about nine ways to alleviate pressure when you’re overwhelmed. The post is filled with strategies that I have tried and tested1 and they all work to alleviate pressure, but here’s what I’m finding in my own personal overwhelmed season right now: sometimes when we’re overwhelmed the problem is not just with our practical strategies, it’s also with the mean voices in our heads. This PhD project is stretching me right now. I’m in the final throes of a long race and, honestly, I’m not very good at finishing things at the best of times. And these are not...

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Nine Ways to Alleviate Pressure When You’re Overwhelmed

What do you actually do when you’re overwhelmed? Aaron and I went away last weekend for a much-needed rest and at first, I found it really hard to switch off. I’m just a few weeks off submitting my PhD and things feel really intense. I knew I needed a break and it had been in the diary for months but resisting the adrenaline-fuelled urge to make progress towards my deadlines wasn’t easy. I lay outside in the sun trying to fake my body into chilling but internally I was tense and jumpy. As we talked about it, Aaron shared...

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