The comment policy on Wylde & Free is pretty simple: be respectful, be kind.

I am all for disagreement – I think it’s incredibly valuable and one of the best ways of learning and growing – but on the internet, because it’s not face-to-face, I think we need to be a lot more careful about how we disagree and whether what we are saying is hurtful. Attacking someone personally is not cool, no matter how much you disagree, and some things just come across harsher than intended when there is no physical proximity in the equation.

So, comments left on Wylde & Free are moderated, and I reserve the right to delete comments without explanation. If you think a comment of yours has been unfairly moderated, feel free to email me on and ask why. I don’t promise a response, but you’re welcome to ask for one.

Regarding privacy, please respect it – both mine and others’. If you know info about someone’s name or contact details that is not shared in the post, then don’t share it in the comments either.

Finally, I’d rather focus on encouraging great comments than on deleting negative ones. Encouragement is encouraged!