It’s a busy week here, so I have decided to share three everyday adventures to inspire us all to get out.

2015-07-24 everydayadventure

The most fun you can have in the back of car?!

This is exactly the kind of thing I imagined being a grown-up including – and I’m so glad it does!

In case you’re wondering how this works, lemme break it down for you. First, you put the seats down in your car to turn your boot into a cavernous cave. Then you pimp out your car boot with every piece of bedding you can find till it’s a total den. Your next step is to pack light so that when the time comes all the bags, snacks and water (don’t forget lots and lots and lots and lots of water!) fit neatly into the front two seats while you sleep. Now, you drive to a beautiful, isolated place with a view (but be safe! Be wise!), park up, and check to make sure that parking overnight is not prohibited. Dump your bags in the front, hook up some string round the inside of the car and peg up some makeshift curtains – sarongs and scarfs work a treat. Finally, after an excellent day in the wilderness, crawl into bed, make sure the windows are rolled down just a crack, cosy up in your den, lock the doors, and drift off into sweet deep sleep.


2015-07-17 everydayadventure

We noticed the sign to the tidal island.
We nearly didn’t turn, but we did.
We nearly didn’t park, but we did.
We nearly didn’t get out of the car, but we did.
We nearly didn’t walk over to explore the island, but we did.
We nearly didn’t climb down onto the rocks, but we did.
We nearly didn’t sit and watch the sunset, but we did.
We nearly didn’t notice him, but we did.
We nearly didn’t stay to watch, but we did.

We were rewarded with this magic moment alone with a seal in the sunset.

Make time for everyday adventure.

Make time for life.

2015-09-15 everydayadventure


2015-07-31 everydayadventure

Fire + barbeque on the beach = happiness to me.

What about you?

What dream life elements can you add to your weekend?

Sometimes we spend a lot of time waiting for everything to line up but it’s much better to draw little elements of what your ideal life would be into your everyday now. It can be the smallest things that make a big difference – maybe its going for a hardcore hike, or fresh fruit on your cereal, flowers on the breakfast table, or music playing in the house, booking tickets for a live gig or wearing a leather jacket that makes you feel like a rock star or maybe it’s making time to get outdoors every chance you get.

Have a think this weekend about how you can pull some pieces of your dreams into your everyday reality.

Make time for everyday adventure.