I was having a conversation with Aaron last night and reflecting on it this morning. I had also read an article on “legacy” and what you would want to leave behind for people – your children, say – to remember you by if you died suddenly. These strands came together and I realised that I have something to say.

I am really interested in what Aaron and I call “tools for life” – the sort of things you don’t necessarily get taught in school, but that hugely influence how you live your life – from practical things like using a budget and managing time, to heart things like how to forgive, what happiness is and how to build lasting friendships. I have also done a lot of “inner work” (for want of a better phrase) of the last 10+ years, and I have learned a lot along the way about understanding myself and others. I am not a trained psychologist, psychotherapist or theologian (though I know some great ones), but I really value the things I have learned, applied and continue to apply in my everyday life now. I have learned a lot about myself, experienced a lot of healing, and been given a load of insights that help me to implement my values of having strong and meaningful relationships with others and with God. Most of my ideas I’ve picked up from others in diverse contexts; some I’ve learned through my own experience.

I’m still learning, and one of the ways that I learn is to talk and to write. Sometimes I argue vehemently for a particular idea and in the middle of that argument someone drops a brilliant example into the conversation and something clicks in me – I realise my position needs to be changed. Other times my ideas develop slowly over time, through multiple conversations, through reading, through prayer, through my own processing and through experiences.

I enjoy drawing together strands from various disciplinary and experiential contexts and then living them out. It is the particular chemistry of borrowed elements wrought through experience that I want to share, talk about and add to here, on this blog.

So for now, I’m just going to share musings and thoughts as they come up in day-to-day life, and I’ll see where this takes me. I won’t post every day, because I know I can’t produce the quality of content that I would want to read on a daily basis. If I manage to write once or twice a week on top of the writing I’m doing for my PhD, I would be delighted.

I hope this will start a conversation in which other people feel willing to share their insights and experiences too. We have so much to learn and share with each other.

Here we go.

Image by Pixabay user Hermann Traub