Hey guys,

Welcome to ad-free Wylde & Free!

Today’s post is a bit unusual because I wanted to introduce the new engine of this blog to you. Hopefully, it doesn’t look too different, other than the fact that you’re no longer seeing ads, because it has taken a lot of work to make it look as not-too-different as possible! Behind the scenes, though, it is different. I had been getting a little bit of feedback from some readers, including that some not-very-tasteful ads were coming up on my blog making people reluctant to share posts. I have also been wanting for a while to move towards having more control over certain features. So over the weekend I moved to a different way of hosting Wylde and Free.

Perhaps most excitingly for you all, not only are there no ads now, but this new way of hosting the blog also allows me to integrate my blog with email so that everyone can get notifications of new posts through the brand new Wylde and Free email list – you can sign up for twice-weekly, weekly or monthly digests via that link or by filling in your details at the bottom of this post.

This does mean that I have to edit some things through code now, which is new to me. This is an actual conversation from the weekend.

Aaron: Are you coming to bed?

Walks over to look at my screen.

Aaron: Are you CODING?

Rachel: Sort of. But right now, well on the hosting server there’s this thing called a…never mind…what I’m trying to say is ‘Yes, I’m coming to bed after I flush the cache.’

Aaron: Huh, my wife has turned into a computer geek in the last two hours.

All that to say, bear with me if things aren’t quite working as they should, because I just may have made some mistakes! Do let me know what is and isn’t working and I’ll do my best to google a tutorial that tells me in layman’s terms how to fix them!

In the meantime though, what I would really, really appreciate is if you would sign up for the new Wylde and Free email list. I’ve set it up so that you can choose to get notifications of a new blog post on the day they’re published, or you can choose to get weekly or monthly digests. If you have forwarded or shared previous blog posts with friends and you think they’d be interested in reading more, I would also be really grateful if you’d share the email list with them so they can sign up too. Here’s the link: http://wyldeandfree.com/index.php/follow-wylde-free/

I’ll still publish new posts to facebook for now, but I’d really like to become less reliant on the Facebook newsfeed as a way to get the message out.

So sign up below and become the first members of Wylde & Free’s subscribers list. I promise to respect your inbox and I of course would never sell your details!

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Thanks so much guys. I’ll share a few more new features on Friday, but in the meantime enjoy the new site and I look forward to seeing you in your inboxes and on this spangly new ad-free site soon.