It’s easy to read a post like Celebrate Your Achievements and nod along, agreeing, but in order to actually implement it, you’ve got to have some idea of how to celebrate. You’ve also got to believe that it’s really worth celebrating your milestones, big and small. In the same week that I wrote Wednesday’s post, I also finished a draft of something I had been working pretty hard on. I sent it off, and then very nearly went to bed, only to get up and work the next day. After all, it’s only a first draft. There’s more work to do. It’s only one chapter of multiple ones to come.

This is the talk we tell ourselves, and so the milestones pass, big and small and nary a celebration is had. So that night, I stopped and marked the moment; Aaron and I had a mini celebration, before the next day with all its work arrived.

Celebrations are so easy to pass over, so easy not to make the effort for, but they matter. So,  today, I wanted to share twenty ideas, big and small, of how to celebrate the milestones, big or small.

One candle, to celebrate the "birthday" of our rental agreement!

One candle, to celebrate the “birthday” of our rental agreement!

  1. Host a candlelit dinner for you and a friend. Afterwards, play with sparklers or glow sticks!
  2. Do something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the time for.
  3. Give someone else, who hasn’t made this milestone yet, a card or a gift to say “keep going!”
  4. Go out with friends and toast your achievement. Even better: host a party!
  5. Book yourself a duvet day.


gin and tonic in bed

Gin and tonic in wine glasses – celebrations don’t have to be proper!

  1. Make yourself an ice cold G & T or a steaming hot chocolate and have it in bed.
  2. Set aside some time to reflect on how far you’ve come.
  3. Have a photo shoot (professional or amateur) to mark the moment.
  4. Send out a “press release” to your nearest and dearest.
  5. Buy yourself a gift.


birthday cake - how to celebrate

Photo by Pixabay user richamehta310

  1. Bake a cake. Put candles on top. Alternatively: take cake/donuts/sweeties to work.
  2. Send yourself a postcard or congratulations card in the post.
  3. Have – or attend – a ceremony.
  4. Pop out to the offy and buy champagne.
  5. Write a thank you letter, note, or text to someone who helped you get this far.


fireworks - how to celebrate

Photo by Pixabay user christy1

  1. Attend a fireworks display (it doesn’t have to be in your honour – fireworks are inherently celebratory and you can always pretend!).
  2. Have a long, hot bath, followed by a massage.
  3. Book yourself a day for something fun and indulgent – a day at a second-hand bookshop, a day at the spa, an evening by an open fire with whisky/hot chocolate in hand.
  4. Make a donation to a relevant charity in honour of your milestone.
  5. Go away somewhere beautiful, whether for a night or a week.
beautiful landscape - how to celebrate

Photo of this beautiful Scottish landscape by Pixabay user FrankWinkler

Featured Image by Unsplash on Pixabay