4.8km 👣 244m ⬆️ 245m ⬇️ – a quick bonus walk after getting to Paradores hotel

These stunning rock formations are just in front of the Paradores Las Canadas hotel so I slipped out just before sunset to do the 5km or so route around them.

I could leave it there and make this post ‘instagram-worthy’ but let’s keep it real…this walk did not go to plan. First it took 5 (five!) conversations to confirm a dinner reservation on my way out…and then I called Aaron to say hi but couldn’t easily find the trail while on my phone…and then the trailhead was OVERUN with tourists taking selfies…and then I talked to Aaron again because he was in Go Outdoors who were declining a refund because I had my bank card with me, in Tenerife, and then I miscalculated how long it would take me to do the full circuit because I was doing it backwards, so I carried on round in the fading light when I should have turned back, and then I was late to our dinner reservation (argh!) and it was nearly dark and I HAD to turn back, and then I got all in my head about now being the literal only person out there in the dark (so close to the road), and then I ran the rest of the way because I didn’t want to make Ang wait any longer to eat!

So it could have been a more fun walk, is what I’m saying.

But it could not have been more beautiful. Truly scenes that soak you in wonder, first by sunset and then under the incredible stars of Teide National Park’s dark skies.